Welcome to the Web-site of JSC "Bakery Plant "Proletarets"!

At first some lines about the history of the Proletrets plant … JSC Proletarets Bakery Plant (former Bakery Plant # 10 named after A.E. Badaev) is one of the largest manufacturer of baked and confectionary goods in Moscow. It started its activity in 1933, when the plant begun to sell rye bread to the workers of the Proletarskiy district of Moscow. The core product was rye and rye-wheat bread of large weight.

Now JSC Proletarets Bakery Plant is the producer with strong reputation. It offers a large range of products, and more than 70 years makes and delivers bread and bread products to the shops of Moscow and the Moscow’s region. JSC Proletarets produces daily 100 tones of bread and 5 tones of confectionary goods and health-giving crackers.

Our bakers are glad to offer customers products as follows:
Rzhanoy Rye Bread
Borodinskiy Rye Bread
Darnitskiy Rye Bread
Bauerbrot Rye-Wheat Bread
Nareznoy Weat Bread
Gorchitchniy Weat Bread, etc.

In the range of products is the rye bread with long shelf-life of 1 year. The bread for long storage is made in accordance with special technology. Such a bread can be delivered outside Russia, where it might be in demand, because its ‘healthy nature’ and low level of calories.

Working traditionally in the Moscow’s market the plant offers to Muscovites various cakes, and sweets. Daily our bakers made fresh rolls, buns, cakes, and bagels. JSC Proletarets is famous in Moscow for its traditional Russian biscuits, spice-cakes, and crackers.

The plant’s goods are highly ranked not only by the customers, but also by the experts in the bakery industry. JSC Proletarets Bakery Plant obtains 27 medals and diplomas of international and domestic exhibitions.

Among the range of traditional products the plant presents very unusual product like hand-crafted caramel candies.

Welcome to the world of delicious hand-crafted caramel candies, a gourmet confectionery which was first manufactured in Europe more than 150 years ago. Once enjoyed only by French aristocracy, until now hand-made candies are in demand among the most exacting customers.

The artistry of our candy-makers can literally make your ‘sweetest’ dream come true!

We combine our skills with loving care to give every confection a distinct and unparalleled character.

All our hand-made candies can make beautiful birthday presents or unique special occasion gifts. Use your fantasy and personalize your gift to your own design, or create a fine collection of hand-made caramel delights for yourself!

We are pleased to offer a large variety of luscious hand-made caramel confectionery to our business clients. Give a delicious flavour to your presentation, or decorate your restaurant, cafè, hotel or shop with an exquisite candy composition.
Our candy-makers will manufacture candies according to any design you want. We have developed a wide range of design patterns for every occasion: wedding, horoscope signs, flowers, patterns for children etc. Various compositions are presented in this catalogue.

Prices vary depending on complexity of details.

There are four categories of complexity:

* - simple
** - medium complexity
*** - complex
**** - very complex

However sophisticated your requirements may be, we guarantee you the finest quality hand-made caramel confectionery.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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